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Family Game Night Bundle

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Family Game Night Bundle by MagsGraphics

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Family Game Night Bundle - Shuffle the cards, ready your dice, choose your totem, it's time for FAMILY GAME NIGHT and the stakes are high. Winner takes all and secures bragging rights... until the next game! This ENORMOUS collection has everything you will need for your favorite board games, dice games, strategy games, and games of chance. If you are a fan of Monopoly, Scrabble, Catan, Risk, Bunco, Dominoes, Puzzles, BINGO, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Darts, Sorry, Clue, or Crosswords, you'll find something in this collection to scrap your fierce Family Game Nights! Save money with the BUNDLE! This Bundle contains 24 KIT PAPERS, 100 KIT ELEMENTS (1 banner, 2 BINGO cards, 1 Chinese Checkers board, 2 checkers, 3 darts, 1 dart board, 6 dice, 12 dominoes, 4 flowers, 1 puzzle frame, 6 "game of..." tags, 8 playing pieces, 2 paper leaves, 7 metal totems, 9 money denominations, 8 property frames, 1 RISKy map, 1 horse icon, 1 rivet, 1 settlers game board, 7 hexagon titles, 1 spinner, 12 word tags, 1 tic-tac-toe board, 1 sand timer, 2 twine pieces), 1 ALPHA (26 Uppercase Letters, 26 Lowercase Letters, 10 Numbers, 32 Symbols), 16 FLAIR, 20 EXTRA PAPERS, 6 WORD ART, and 1 BONUS word tile alpha with letters and 1 blank tile. The word tile alpha will work as an alpha and are also imported as elements so you can scatter them on your page if you want. The "blank" tile will show in the hyphen spot. Note--> The SLF Papers are sold separately.

SKU: ARTKIT-K1025-01090

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