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With Valet in the driver's seat, migrating your files to FOREVER has never been easier.

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Keep Your Structure

Upload your way.

You've already put in the hours – why start from scratch? FOREVER Valet's powerful uploading tools will allow you to maintain your existing organization structure as you add your memories to their permanent digital home.

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Available for both Windows and macOS

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Peace of Mind

Always at your fingertips.

FOREVER is built to be a permanent home for your memories, with an emphasis on "your." If you want to download your files for any reason, Valet is here to help you do that, new albums & all! Have peace of mind, knowing you're in full control.

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Do you manage multiple FOREVER accounts?

Use Valet Pro™ to easily access and organize all of your FOREVER accounts. Seamlessly move from one account to another.

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  • What is FOREVER® Valet™?

  • Is there a free or trial version of Valet?

  • How many FOREVER Storage Accounts can I connect to Valet?

  • Can I use Club Dollars to pay for my Valet Subscription?

  • Am I required to have a FOREVER Storage Account to use Valet?

  • Is there a limit to the number of files I can upload via Valet?

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