Bring your past to life.

Digitize your home movies, photos, and film — create joy for generations.

What We Digitize

Select the Box that’s right for you.


A great way to start. Perfect for standard items like home movies, films, photos, and slides. Count what you have and know your exact cost.


Perfect for specialty items like album pages, flatbed scans, and bulk orders of films and photos. Organize any way you like using your Box Credit.

Professionally Digitized Track Your Box Every Step Know Your Cost

How It Works

As simple as a smile.

Protect your family memories the easy way.

  • 1. Fill your box.

    Order a Box, fill it with tapes, photos and films, then attach the pre-paid shipping label. Use the step-by-step guide and barcode tags. Double boxing for secure shipping protection.

  • 2. Track your memories.

    Track your memories with real-time updates while our team of specialists in Green Bay, Wisconsin, use state-of-the-art digitization for perfectly preserved results.

  • 3. Enjoy for generations.

    Receive back your original memories, plus get your new digital collection added to your FOREVER Account for 60 days. If you choose, receive your memories on DVD, thumb drive, or secure them for generations with FOREVER permanent cloud storage.

Our People

This is more than a job.

At FOREVER, we understand how important preserving your past is. We love what we do, and it shows through the care we put into each and every memory you send us.

Forever team members working.

Our Process

Your memories matter.

That's why we are constantly improving our processes and equipment. We use the latest technological innovations available, and our team believes in a culture of growth. We're always working to do better, for you.

A mother and daughter enjoying their memories

Our Purpose

Joy that lasts beyond a lifetime.

We are driven by the belief that your memories should never be lost. They provide a glimpse into the lives we've lived and remind us of the stories we've yet to tell. Your legacy will have a positive impact on future generations.

Our Advantage

A step above the rest.

No one cares about your memories more than we do. We take every possible step to ensure the highest quality digitization and offer the world's first permanent digital home for your family memories.

A Forever client viewing their account.

Permanent Storage

Preserved for generations.

Digitize your memories and take the first step in preserving joy for generations. FOREVER offers the only cloud-based storage that is guaranteed for your lifetime +100 years. Once digitized, you can transfer your files to your permanent storage in your FOREVER Account directly from your FOREVER Box Tracker.

A video tape being catalogued.


You made the right choice.

Your memories are safe with us. We use barcode technology and high-definition security cameras to track every single item you have entrusted to our care. And you can track your order's progress in real-time with your Box Tracker. Once digitized, you can preserve your memories for generations with FOREVER® permanent storage.

A mother and daughter embracing.


Share your memories with the people who matter most.

For 10 years we’ve been trusted by families and individuals because we empower our client to determine how their memories will be shared with future generations. We give you complete control over who has access to your life stories. Your memories are permanent, secure and 100% yours. We don't data mine, we don't sell ads, and we never will.


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  • How will I get my digitized items back?

  • Where do you ship to?

  • Can I order multiple copies of thumb drives and DVD sets of my digitized memories?

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