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Be the family historian.

With FOREVER Historian™ 6 software, organize your memories on your desktop for a seamless transition to your FOREVER Account.

30-Day Free Trial
Computer with the Historian 6 software running.
Laptop computer running Historian 6, using the Ratings, Tags, and Timeline views.

Tools for every organizer.

Use the power of Historian 6 to organize, edit, and preserve your treasured digital memories, including home movies and photos. Using the industry's top tools, we'll keep your files safe & accessible.

  • Improved Facial Recognition
  • More powerful Auto Fix tool for your photos.
  • Redesigned connection to your FOREVER Account.
  • Ability to share photos to Artisan 6.
  • Recognize files "Stored in FOREVER".
Release Notes
Historian 6 requires a 64-bit version of Windows.
Review System Requirements
Screenshot of the Historian 6 software facial recognition user interface.

What you get

Facial Recognition

Our improved facial recognition tool will identify "who's who" in your photos with ease. Have your photos quickly (and correctly) match up with the Face Tags you create in Historian 6.

Screenshot of the Historian 6 Enhanced Auto Fix user interface.

Enhanced Auto Fix

Our Auto Fix is better than ever, offering the latest version of Perfectly Clear®, the world's leading provider of intelligent image correction. "Fix" as you see fit with categories such as:

  • People
  • Landscapes & scenery
  • Sunrises & sunsets
  • Photos taken at night
  • Photos taken with a smartphone or mobile device
Screenshot of the Historian 6 Browse user interface.

Seamless Communication

Historian 6 and your FOREVER Permanent Storage® have never gotten along better! That's right - with one click from the Connector, Historian 6 will download and upload directly to your FOREVER Library, Album, or Tag. Sorting and Search options have been added, too!

Additional Functionalities

Powerful tools, right at your fingertips.

Screenshot of the Historian 6 sharing user interface.

Share photos directly to Artisan 6.

Screenshot of the Historian 6 Media Library interface.

Quickly see which files are stored in your FOREVER Account.

Screenshot of the Historian 6 duplicate file prevention user interface.

Reduce duplicate files in your FOREVER Account.

Screenshot of the Historian 6 meta data user interface.

Never lose track of your memories.

Screenshot of the Historian 6 search user interface.

Collect a lifetime of memories in a single Cabinet.

Example of how Historian 6 can remove inperfections from your photos.

Restore your photos.


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