Organize with FOREVER® Historian

Share and organize all your media files and family memories on your computer.

Forever Historian Software - Photo Management Software

With FOREVER® Historian software, take care of your memories offline.

Use the power of your computer to share, organize, edit and preserve your treasured digital photos, video clips and audio files. Put them all in Historian, and we'll make it easy for you to find them and keep them safe.

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      • Operating System: 32-bit (x86) Edition of Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10
      • Processor: 1.5 GHz (2 GHz or higher recommended), 32-bit (x86)
      • System Memory (RAM): 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
      • Display: Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution with 32-bit color
      • Connectivity: Internet required for software activation and purchase

Organize and collect your media files with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Collect a lifetime of memories in a single Vault.

technology makes it easy to collect all of your photos, videos, audio files, and other media documents from your desktop, flash drives and external hard drives.

Organize your photos with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Organize the way you want.

Use custom tags to easily organize your Vault. Add stories and descriptions so the details of your favorite memories will never be lost.

Try Historian today, totally free.

Quickly search through all of your media with FOREVER® Forever Historian - Photo Management Software

Find your favorite moments in a snap.

Search your media files by the date created, date imported, description, personal star rating, assigned tag, or added story. You can even search for specific people using powerful facial recognition. Historian’s search tools make it easy to work with any size vault, small or large.

Easily edit your photos with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Edit your photos with ease.

Bring vibrant life into your photos with powerful image editing tools. Quickly auto-fix any photo or take control with simple options that crop, adjust brightness, enhance colors, apply unique filters and much more, all to enhance your life stories.

June Williams, FOREVER® Historian user

I love the organizational aspects of Historian. I love the editing software. I love how easy it is to transfer to Artisan. I love the filing system. What's not to love?

June Williams, Mother of Two

Restore old photos with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Restore life to old memories.

Fix cracks, tears and fades in old photos by using our comprehensive photo restoration tools, including cloning and spot correcting tools.

Edit photos with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Get creative with filters and brushes.

Apply interesting color effects, add filters to specific regions or use any of our nine different brushes to bring new life to your photos.

Save your photos with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Protect your memories in minutes.

Keep a copy of your Vault on any hard drive and at FOREVER®. While creating a copy, the Vault will show the status of each photo and even the history of previous back-ups.

Share your photos with FOREVER® Historian - Photo Management Software

Share your photos and stories.

Easily share your favorite memories by adding them to a project in FOREVER Artisan®, share them via FOREVER®, email or social media.

Share, store and print your photos for generations.

FOREVER® Historian integrates seamlessly with Forever Guaranteed Storage.

FOREVER® offers you one home for all your stories and special moments. Our applications make it simple to store, organize, print, share and protect your family photos for generations, knowing they will always be safe and sound thanks to the FOREVER® Guarantee.

FOREVER® Historian software seamlessly integrates with FOREVER®’s other products and services, including FOREVER Storage® and FOREVER Artisan®. Simply connect to FOREVER® for the ultimate level of protection and safety for all of your photos. Easily share your files with others via FOREVER®, social media, email and printed books.