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Memory Hoarders - Pantry Finds Collection

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Memory Hoarders - Pantry Finds Collection by Seatrout Scraps

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Home preserves, farmer's markets and family recipes - all the wholesome goodness of grandmother's pantry and mom's kitchen come to life in the Memory Hoarders Pantry Finds Collection by Seatrout Scraps. Filled with wonderful tins and labels, foodstuffs and necessities from days gone by, the elements are matched with an array of complementary papers to show off the wonderful memories in all of your projects. Digital Scrapbook Kit includes: 12 patterned papers, apron, breadbox, sardine label, 4 preserves, pickles, chutney, flour, sugar, 2 chocolate blocks, 3 cheese labels, cheese wedge, basket of eggs, milk carton, milk top, mushrooms, onion braid, vinegar, tomato sauce, 2 wine bottles, parsley, salt pot, pepper pot, preserved lemons, meat hook, sausage, scale, cordial, soda, mortar and pestle, storage sack, potato sack, package, soup tin, meat tin, cocoa tin, cookie tin, storage tin, empty tin, fruit tin, 2 strings, ribbon, bow, 6 word art (From the Larder, Home Preserves, Stored Away, Pickle Jar, Food Supplies, Herbs and Spices) The bundled collection also includes a set of 6 distressed papers, 4 designer papers, 4 photo masks and 4 shadowed clusters. Keywords:- memories, memory, museum, heritage, genealogy, history, retro, vintage

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