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Martial Artist Bundle

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Martial Artist Bundle by MagsGraphics

  • Designed by LJS Designs (view all LJS Designs)
  • Contains: 25 12"x12" Kit Papers, 21 12"x12" Extra Papers, 72 Kit Elements, 1 Alpha (26 Uppercase Letters, 10 Numbers, 32 Symbols), 12 3"x3" Accent / Journal Cards, 9 Silhouettes, 26 Word Tags, 7 BONUS Titles.
  • Requires FOREVER Artisan® software

Item Details

Martial Artist Bundle - This year, my son, will earn his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Japanese Budo. He has had 8 years of training... 4 years to earn his 1st degree in this ancient martial art and 4 more to get to Nidan (2nd degree). It is amazing to see how he's grown in this art; he started when he was in 4th grade! Of course, I needed to make a kit to commemorate his accomplishment. I also made sure to include items that would work for all forms of Martial Arts: Aikido, Budo, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Mixed Martial Arts. Save money with the BUNDLE Pack! This Martial Artist Bundle contains the MAIN KIT (25 12"x12" Papers, 72 Elements: 1 arrow, 1 ax, 1 belt display, 4 belt ribbons, 9 belt achievement tags, 1 blocker, 2 bo staffs, 1 bracket, 2 chevron, 1 painted word art, 2 flowers, 3 frames, 1 funky shapes, 1 black Gi shirt, 1 black Gi pants, 1 white Gi shirt, 1 white Gi pants, 8 belts that fit the Gis, 1 banner journal tag, 1 jutte, 1 kama, 1 katana sword, 1 blocking target, 1 kubotan, 1 kunai, 9 labels, 1 machette, 2 mini flowers, 1 naginata, 1 set of nunchucks, 2 ropes, 1 rope tie, 1 sai blade, 2 shurikens, 1 embroidered star, 1 star cutout, 1 file tab, 1 throwing star, 1 yin yang symbol), 1 ALPHA (26 Uppercase Letters, 10 Numbers, 32 Symbols), 12 3"x3" ACCENT CARDS, 21 12"x12" EXTRA PAPERS, 9 SILHOUETTES, 26 WORD TAGS, and 7 BONUS Titles. Note - the SLF Papers for this collection are sold separately.

SKU: ARTKIT-K1025-01178

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