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Holy Land Adventure Bundle

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Adventure and explore through the Holy Land with this beautiful and realistic travel bundle.

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Adventure and explore through the Holy Land with this beautiful and realistic travel bundle filled with ethnic embellishments, patterned papers, clusters, vintage maps, and antique engraved papers. Whether you have taken a holiday to the Holy Land, Middle East, or are planning a vacation there, this collection will authentically accent your photos from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria in the Middle East. Engraved Papers include ancient scenes from Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Garden of Gethsemane, Nazareth, Temple of Manasseh, Cana, and Magdala. Includes maps of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Kanaan, Biblical regions of the Holy Land, Palestine, Galilea, Samaria, and the travels of Jesus Christ, Savior. Includes Ark of the Covenant, camel, donkey, dove, sheep, ram, ram horn, coins, money, Jesus Christ, columns, ruins, cross, nail, Middle Eastern flags, bread, fish, goblet, hamsa, honey, apple, dates, purim, kippah, hasidic, Christian, Jewish, Jew, Jerusalem cross, Star of David, olive wood, Holy Family, menorah, olive branch, Lion of David, pomegranate, palm leaf, pottery, Jewish star, stairs, stone, ten commandments, stone tablets, well, scroll, sand, lamp, arrowhead, Torah, Bible, Biblical, Bethlehem, wailing wall, crown of thrones, Dome of the Rock, matzah, cookie, faith, religion, pilgrimage, and so much more! Bundle includes Holy Land Adventure Kit, Holy Land Adventure Elements, Holy Land Adventure Papers, Holy Land Adventure Engraved Papers, Holy Land Adventure Maps, and Holy Land Adventure Stacked Stone. Designer: Roxanne Buchholz, Lucky Girl Creative

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