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Covid-19 has changed my life. We all have a new normal. No more coffee outings with friends, thanksgiving dinner with family may very well be virtual, even little things I used to take for granted like stopping in a store has changed and even some of those stores have gone out of business. Day to day I must remind myself that everything will be ok even if I’m feeling anxious or depressed. I find myself looking for joy in little things like connecting over zoom with friends and spending time on some of my favorite hobbies. Watching the children and grandchildren attend school remotely and seeing their resilience gives me some. Covid19 will always be with us but we will have a vaccine. For now, we must continue to be kind and respectful of one another by wearing our masks, protecting our loved ones, and strangers within our communities by social distancing. We will get through this pandemic so long as we all remain vigilant and informed and just as importantly, take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. Stay safe! Keywords: Coronavirus, Covid, Covid-19, 2020, pandemic, vaccine, social distance, hand washing, masks, take out dining, hand sanitizer, stay safe

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