SATURDAY, FEB. 20, 2021


Celebrate your Family History with FOREVER®!

Join us for our first ever FOREVER® Family History Virtual Event, where hundreds of memory keepers will come together to preserve & celebrate their family legacies! This FREE, educational event can be streamed live from the comfort of your own home. Recordings of all sessions will also be available for you to peruse after the event.

February 20, 2021

Noon – 4PM US Eastern Time

During this event, you will learn how your FOREVER Account is essential for saving, organizing, and sharing all your photos, videos, audio files, and documents for generations to come! You will have the opportunity to attend educational sessions on how to set up your account, with helpful tips on organizing, album creation, curation, and sharing. You know how important preserving your family legacy is for future generations. FOREVER makes that crucial project not just possible, but simple!

Look forward to learning about (and getting sneak peeks of!) key FOREVER products, services, and designs, hearing from industry experts, and so much more!


FOREVER® Family History Virtual Event

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Preserve & Celebrate Your Family History

FOREVER is the world’s first and only permanent, complete, and trustworthy memory keeping solution. Learn how to get started saving, organizing, and sharing all your photos, videos, and files with FOREVER! Discover how FOREVER® Box can help digitize your family memories and how FOREVER® permanent cloud storage will keep them safe for generations.

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Make the Most of Your Memories

Explore how FOREVER® can bring your old memories into the modern era with FOREVER® Streaming Video. You can even share these precious moments with Friends & Family via collaborative albums and share links!

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Relive Your Favorite Moments with Photo Books and More

FOREVER® is celebrating Family History Month by releasing exclusive designs to showcase your treasured memories. Easily print your favorite moments in high-quality photo books, canvases, calendars, and other photo gifts. Stay tuned for new designs!

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Event Agenda

Agenda subject to change. All times are noted in the US Eastern Time Zone & all Zoom sessions will be recorded

12:00pm – 12:05pm

12:05pm – 12:45pm


Uncover the basics of preserving your past (present, and future) permanently. Open a FREE FOREVER® cloud storage account, and learn how to upload your files, create albums, tag your content, and more! Maintaining, organizing, and SHARING your family history with FOREVER is fun and simple.

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12:45pm – 1:05pm


FamilySearch and Ancestry are great resources for your family history research. FOREVER takes your work one step further. See how, with FOREVER, you can ensure that your research is never lost or accidentally changed. You’ll hear why FOREVER is recognized by FamilySearch as a partner and learn why having a FOREVER account is a must for preserving and passing on your research to your descendants.

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1:05pm – 1:45pm


So much of our history is sitting in closets, attics, and drawers; let’s not lose these priceless memories to time! Hear from our experts at the FOREVER Box Center on how to digitize your media and learn about the care that goes into our conversion process. Plus, listen to testimonials on why digitizing your memories is always the right choice!

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1:45pm – 2:00pm


2:00pm – 2:25pm


Genward is an ancestry & genealogy company that personalizes your research journey. Hear from industry experts on how your records are located and how you can “dive deep” into your DNA. Finally, learn how this partnership ties perfectly into your FOREVER Account!

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2:25pm – 3:00pm


Do you know the difference between “streaming” and “downloading” your videos? Learn the important differences and discover why video streaming is so important for future generations of genealogists.

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3:00pm – 3:45pm


Now it’s time to show off your own history! Make a beautiful creation using our FOREVER Design & Print platform. Then, tell us your story! This fun session is sure to energize and inspire you in your memory keeping journey.

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3:45pm – 4:00pm


We’ll wrap up with closing statements from FOREVER Founder & CEO, Glen Meakem. Thank you all for a wonderful event!

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