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Oktoberfest Bundle

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Everyone knows that Oktoberfest has German roots, but few people know the history behind the annual celebration that is now replicated worldwide. Oktoberfest’s roots can be traced back to 1810 in Munich, which is in the Bavarian region of Germany. This product does not mean you have had to attend this event to have fun with it. But in keeping with its traditions, I thought it was a fun product that could be used just for having a brew with friends, a celebration of sorts, or even homemade beer brewers. I know of several beer festivals we have locally that would be perfect for this product. You will find all kinds of traditional and nontraditional elements within this product. camera, beer, hat, mug, hops, bottled beer, draught beer, draft beer, homemade beer, labels, masks, drum, tambourine, horn, lamb, pretzel, barrel, accordion, purple, lavender, violet, red, gold, brown, yellow, green

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