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The permanent place to store and share all your digital memories in the cloud. Invest in secure social storage and own it — FOREVER®.

FOREVER® Social Storage

Own your permanent digital home.

We’re like no other cloud storage and sharing provider. FOREVER is the Guardian of Your Memories™. We use modern technology and investment economics to keep your files safe and available for generations. Choose a one-time investment or a 24-month installment plan. Either way, use all the new capacity in your FOREVER Account immediately.

One-Time Investment
24 Monthly Installments



$18.00 per gigabyte



$14.00 per gigabyte



$10.60 per gigabyte



$9.00 per gigabyte



$8.67 per gigabyte



$8.00 per gigabyte



$7.00 per gigabyte



$6.00 per gigabyte



$5.50 per gigabyte

With 25GB storage you get:

  • Permanence today for only $14.00USD per gigabyte
  • FREE 2 gigabytes with first storage purchase
  • No data mining, no advertising


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How It Works

Own your storage–don't rent. Share as you like.

  • Secure storage for generations.

    Triple backed up, encrypted transmissions, full resolution, no compression, guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years.

  • No data mining. No advertising.

    Free has a price. In most cases it is your privacy when it comes to cloud storage. We're different. Your content is yours – always.

  • Be social. Be private. Be you.

    We are a safe and secure place where you are in control. Share your memories with the people you choose.

Curate & Share

Anytime, anywhere access.

Whether you are on your laptop, tablet, mobile device or TV, we have you covered. Our apps let you sync your photos and videos to your storage where you can organize, enjoy, and share them with others.


You're in full control.

Other cloud storage services delete your account and content when you are no longer active, but your FOREVER Account lasts for generations. At FOREVER, we safeguard your memories every step of the way. You designate how your family can access your memories after you are gone. You can also designate an Account manager to help you if you want.


Relive your memories with video streaming.

You can upload, organize, and share photos and videos in your FOREVER Storage® Account. To watch videos directly from your account, on any device, add a FOREVER Video Streaming Plan.

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