, the Panstoria Store, and the Panstoria Print Shop have closed.

All your content is preserved and safe on

  • Everything you love about Panstoria, like Artisan, Historian, digital art, and an extensive catalog of print products is now available at These products are an important part of Forever's memory-keeping platform, which continues to grow and improve.

  • Background

    Forever and Panstoria joined forces in September 2014 because Panstoria's products fit perfectly into Forever's vision of helping people capture, save, and share their most precious photos and memories for generations. Forever's guaranteed storage, web-based organizing, and digitization services, when combined with Panstoria's products and features, create a powerful full-service memory-keeping platform. Now that the integration is complete, we are focused on enhancing this platform.

  • Continued Improvements

    We are committed to helping people preserve their stories and memories for generations, and you are an important part of that process. We listen to feedback from our customers and continually make updates and improvements to our web, mobile, and desktop experiences.

Have some questions about the transition not covered here?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have a or Panstoria Print Shop account, do I need to sign up for a Forever account?

    No. All Panstoria and Panstoria Print Shop account information has been migrated to Forever. You can log in using the same email address and password you used for Panstoria. Can't remember your Panstoria password? No problem. Click "forgot your password" and enter your email address to request a password reset link.

    If you don't see your Panstoria purchase history or if you used different emails for different accounts, please contact with the email addresses for the accounts in question. We will make sure your account is properly set up.

  • I already purchased Historian or Artisan from Panstoria, do I really need to buy something else?

    No. A free update was released that will enable Artisan and Historian to communicate with Forever. As long as you're using up-to-date software it will continue to function as you expect. All print projects will just be sent to the Forever Print Shop.

  • Will my digital art purchases transfer to Forever?

    Art kits purchased from will be associated with your Forever account, so you can retrieve any lost activation codes. (Contact if your account information does not seem to have transfered.) Art kits purchased from Creative Memories can only be used if you still have the activation codes.

  • What if I'm still using Creative Memories Storybook Creator?

    It will continue to work, but you will not be able to print directly from this software. Storybook Creator is no longer supported and cannot be updated or reinstalled on a new machine. However, you can transition all of your projects to Forever Artisan. As long as you have the activation codes for your kits, you can continue to use all of your digital art as well. For more details on how to make this transition, visit the Forever Help Center. You can download a free trial of Artisan to get started.

  • What if I'm still using Creative Memories Memory Manager?

    It will continue to work, but Memory Manger is no longer supported and cannot be updated or reinstalled on a new machine. However, you can get all of the organization you love and more with Forever Historian. Your Memory Manager vault and all of your content will work with Historian. You can download a free trial to get started.

  • What about projects I'm in the middle of? Will I lose any content?

    No, all of your content is accessible. Any files that you create or manage with Creative Memories or Panstoria software remain on your computer even if you change programs. Forever Artisan and Historian are designed so that you can continue to use those files and projects. (Once opened in a newer version of the software however, projects cannot be opened by the old version.)

  • I used to be a or ShareASale affiliate, what should I do now?

    You can become a Forever Ambassador to help share our products and services and earn up to 23% commission. Visit our ambassador page to learn more.

Benefits of Forever

  • One Stop Shop. Forever is more than just desktop or web-based software. It's a full-service memory-keeping platform, giving you one place to permanently store and work with your photos, projects, art, and stories.

  • Mobile Apps. With Forever's free apps for Apple and Android devices, you can access your photos on the go. You can also automatically back up all of your phone photos, ensuring that they are never lost, and helping you to save space on your device.

  • Digitization Services. We're more than just a software and storage platform. We also provide photo scanning and digitization services for all types of media, including printed scrapbooks and old outdated media like slides, reels, and VHS tapes.

  • Community. We're building a strong community with a shared love of photos, family, and creativity. We offer updates on product releases and improvements, as well as special events like Forever LIVE! – where hundreds of scrapbookers and photo enthusiasts can come together to learn and have fun. Check us out on Facebook today!

  • Customer Support. In addition to our help center, we have a dedicated support team available to answer any questions you may have. You can email, or call 1-888-FOREVER (1-888-367-3837) from 9am to 7pm Eastern, Monday–Friday. Our team will do everything they can to help you out.

  • Core Beliefs. We believe your photos and your data belong to you, not us. Instead, we believe our responsibility is to protect them for generations. We want to extend this promise to you, in addition to ensuring you experience a smooth and happy transition.