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Become a part of our Inner Circle by joining the FOREVER® Club, a super simple savings plan that rewards you with FREE FOREVER Storage®, 5% OFF and a whole lot more!

How it works.

  1. Choose Your Plan

    Choose how much you would like to set aside each month so you can stick to a budget or save up for big orders. Your FOREVER Club Dollars never expire! (Cancel any time.)

  2. Get Inner Circle Access

    Take advantage of an EXTRA 5% OFF almost everything*, exclusive Members-Only deals, and insider access with perks like a quarterly phone call with FOREVER Founder & CEO, Glen Meakem!

  3. Earn FOREVER Storage®

    Just for being a loyal FOREVER Club Member, you can also earn FREE FOREVER Storage!*
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*See the FAQ for conditions and exclusions.

FOREVER Club Savings Plan for digital scrapbooking and printing
FOREVER Founder & CEO Glen Meakem

Glen Meakem, Founder & CEO

Club Member Perks!

FOREVER Club isn’t just a great savings plan for all the things you love at FOREVER. It’s also a way for our most loyal community members to earn fabulous rewards!

  • Enjoy an EXTRA 5% OFF almost everything at FOREVER.com, all the time! CLUB5 will be automatically applied at checkout.
  • Earn FREE FOREVER Storage* every 3 consecutive months that you’re a Club Member, based on your plan membership level.
  • Have FUN with secret sales, limited edition FOREVER merchandise, and many more surprises to come!
  • Listen in on an exclusive quarterly phone call with FOREVER Founder & CEO Glen Meakem, where he will answer questions and share the past, present, and future of FOREVER.
  • Enjoy Members-Only Sessions at FOREVER Events.

*See the FAQ for conditions and exclusions.

Join the club today!

The bigger the plan the more FOREVER Storage you earn!



Earn 1/2 GB FOREVER Storage every three months!




Earn 1 GB FOREVER Storage every three months!


FOREVER Club 100

FOREVER Club 100

Earn 2 GB FOREVER Storage every three months!


Are you the Queen of the Crop or the King of Media Conversion? Are you the Prince of Print or the Duchess of Digital Art? Are you a FOREVER Fanatic ready to earn LOTS of FREE Storage?
Check out our FOREVER Club 250!
FOREVER Club 250 Savings Plan

FOREVER Club 250

Earn 5 GB FOREVER Storage every three months!


Earn 20 GB FREE FOREVER Storage each year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CLUB5?

CLUB5 is a coupon that gives FOREVER Club Members exclusive access to an extra 5% off almost everything at FOREVER! This code is automatically applied to your cart during the checkout process. Excludes gift certificates, apparel, events, monthly pixels2Pages subscriptions, Ambassador fees, and other FOREVER Club Memberships. Stackable with other offers!

What products and services can I use my FOREVER Dollars on?

Every one US Dollar you pay into your FOREVER Club Account becomes one FOREVER Dollar that you can spend on (almost) everything at FOREVER.

FOREVER Dollars can be used to purchase:

  • FOREVER Storage Single Payments or Payment Plans
  • FOREVER Streaming Video Plans
  • Printing with FOREVER Print and FOREVER Artisan® (including shipping costs)
  • FOREVER Media Conversion Boxes (and Overages)
  • FOREVER Artisan and FOREVER Historian Software
  • Digital Art - Every brand in our store
  • pixels2Pages™ Monthly or Yearly Memberships
  • Gift Certificates

FOREVER Dollars cannot be used on:

  • FOREVER Live! or other event tickets
  • Other FOREVER Club Memberships
  • Non-Commissionable Ambassador Store Items
  • Ambassador Fee
  • Premier Shipping Membership
  • Family Research Plans

How do I redeem my FOREVER Dollars?

When you view your shopping cart, you can apply FOREVER Dollars to any eligible order.

You can also view your FOREVER Club Account Balance and set up or manage payment plans by going to the FOREVER Dollars section of your Account Settings.

How do I earn FREE FOREVER Storage?

As a Club Member, you will receive free FOREVER Storage awards when you are also a FOREVER Storage Owner. However, if you’re not an owner yet, we’ll keep track of the storage you would have earned starting from September 20, 2019. Once you do become a permanent Storage owner, we’ll automatically add your earned Club storage awards to your account.

Please note, you must make three consecutive payments on the same Club Membership Level in order to receive your FREE FOREVER Storage.

How do I change my FOREVER Club membership level?

The easiest way to upgrade is to buy an additional FOREVER Club membership. (Example: If you want to set aside $75/month purchase both a 25 and 50 Club Membership.) If you purchase these at different times the award of storage will also be at different times. Each FOREVER Club membership is paid for and rewards storage independently.

You can always cancel your current Club Membership and purchase a higher or lower level, but please keep in mind that payments made towards a cancelled Club Membership Level will not count towards the Storage award of other Memberships purchased. (Sorry!)

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your FOREVER Club membership at any time and you'll simply not be charged in future months. Any FOREVER Dollars you have earned will remain available in your FOREVER Club Account because FOREVER Dollars never expire. (FOREVER Club membership payments you have already made are non-refundable.) You can become a member again at any time, and if you are a Founding Member, your Founding Membership will be reinstated when you resume saving at any level.

Need help picking a plan or have more questions? Contact us at support@forever.com or 1-888-FOREVER (1-888-367-3837)

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