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Gifting FOREVER Family Research

By Keri Maurus

Are you looking for a unique holiday gift idea? Do you have a family member who is hard to buy for or a parent, sibling or cousin who is the Family Historian? Has your spouse always wanted to know more about their extended family?

The Gift of Genealogy is an unexpected and meaningful gift idea, and FOREVER Family Research could be the answer.

There is a good reason why genealogy is such a popular pastime…connecting to prior generations and bringing people to life by discovering their stories can be an incredibly rewarding experience. A FOREVER Family Research gift can fill in missing generations, add detail to your family’s stories, or break through brick walls of previous personal genealogy research.

The holidays are all about family and the Gift of Genealogy benefits all generations! Multiple family members can band together and surprise a loved one with a journey of discovery with a Genealogy Research Project!

How to give the Gift of FOREVER Family Research:

  1. Purchase the Genealogy gift that works best
    1-Hour Consultation
    3-Month Research Project (total of 15 hours)
    6-Month Research Project (total of 30 hours)
    12-Month Research Project (total of 60 hours)
  2. You will receive your FOREVER Family Research Welcome Email within two business days
  3. Let us know that it is a gift!!
  4. FOREVER Family Research will provide you with a Printable Gift Acknowledgement that can be presented to the lucky person!

Check out our FAQs here!

About the FOREVER Family Research service:

Note: FOREVER Club Discounts can be used for FOREVER Family Research purchases, however, Club Dollars cannot. Gift Certificates cannot be used either. The FOREVER Family Research Gift Acknowledgement is not the same as a FOREVER Gift Certificate.

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