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What is Back Printing?


What is “back printing”?

You may have heard the term before - you may have even seen it in action. But have you put two & two together? *What *is* back printing,* and is it useful to you?

The first half of that question is simple. Back printing is any text or data printed on the back of your photo prints. Some companies will print the order number on the back of your photo prints. At FOREVER, our auto-back printing defaults to the date your photo was taken and the file name as defined in your FOREVER Storage Account.

Is it useful to you? Yes! You may have noticed we said “defaults to” when referencing our own back printing capabilities. That’s because we also offer free customization!

You can customize the message – up to 40 characters – on the back of each one of your photo prints. You can edit every photo in your photo set at once with our bulk editor or adjust the text for individual prints.

If you want to organize your photo prints by date for archival purposes, you can make sure that’s added! Maybe naming the event is important to you - try printing that. Or if making sure the people in the photograph are identified, add their names to your back printing! You have full creative control.

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