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Movies Snapshot - Mega Bundle

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Movies Snapshot - Mega Bundle by Across The Pond

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Watching movies is something we all do, whether we go to the theater or are in the comfort of our own homes. Regardless of the size of the screen, lots of memories are made as we gather together! This purchase is for the Movies Snapshot Mega Bundle. It includes all pieces of this collection: page kit (8 patterned papers, 8 solid papers, 3 arrows, 3 glitter bows, clapperboard, 3 drinks, DVD, 9 flair (Movie Night, silver screen and our favorite), 12 flowers, 6 frames, genre stickers (drama, mystery, comedy, romance, thriller, action, horror, documentary, family and animated), 2 3D glasses, 4 journal spots, 2 page dividers, 7 glitter smears, tub of popcorn, 4 popcorn pieces, movie seat, 5 stars, 3 stitching, 4 strings, 3 tags, 3 pieces of tape, 5 tickets, 3 curly ribbons, three ricarac and an alpha (A-Z, 0-9)), 14 celluloid papers, 5 clusters, 12 film frames, 8 in lights papers, 8 page dividers, 2 pre-designed pages and 6 scatters.

SKU: ARTKIT-K1019-01457

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