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Awesome 80s Bundle

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Awesome 80s Bundle by MagsGraphics

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Awesome 80s Bundle - Put on your Members Only Jacket, hop in your Delorean, and travel back to the 1980s! This "Awesome 80s" collection is packed with iconic items to remind you of your days of neon, arcades, roller rinks, and the days when MTV actually played music videos! This BUNDLE contains over 200 items! All of the following is included: 37 12"X12" Papers (24 Kit and 13 Extra), 5 Clusters, 6 Large Hodge Podge, 26 Glittery Stickers, 6 BONUS 3x8 Journal Cards, 50 Arcade Items, 5 Retro Games, 1 Cordless Phone, 1 Boombox, 2 Buttons, 2 Cassettes, 2 Converse shoes, 3 Flair, 1 Floppy Disc, 6 Flowers, 1 Viewmaster, 1 Viewmaster Frame, 1 Glitter Glove, 3 Greenery Pieces, 1 Electric Guitar, 1 Hair pick1 Hairspray Can, 1 Set of Headphones1 Journal Card, 1 Journal Tag, 3 Leaves, 1 Members Only Jacket, 1 Big M, 1 Big TV, 1 Polaroid Frame, 3 Record Albums, 1 Retro TV, 6 Ribbons, 1 Roller Skate, 3 Ropes, 3 Star Brads, 1 String, 1 Pair of Sunglasses, 6 Tags, 1 Troll, 1 Unicorn Charm, 1 VHS Rental ticket, 1 VHS Tape, 1 Walkman, 3 Washi Tape, and 1 Swatch Watch.

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