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Across Space & Time Kit

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Across Space & Time Kit by MagsGraphics

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Across Space & Time Kit - Knock! Knock! (Who's there?) Doctor (Doctor who?) Exactly..... If the words "Wimey-Timey," "Exterminate," "Geronimo," or "Raggedy-Man" mean anything to you, then you might be a fan of the time traveling Time Lord with no name. This collection was inspired by one of my favorite television series - and I hope you are able to scrap your convention cosplays and other nerdy photos with it! This is the MAIN KIT. Within it, you'll find 20 12"x12" Papers and 80 Elements. The complete element list includes 1 heartbeat line, 1 pair of 3D glasses, 1 blobby fat creature, 2 stone angels, 3 bolts, 1 bowtie, 1 card, 1 credentials card, 1 dead alien, 16 character cards, 1 British flag, 4 flair, 1 frame, 1 gas mask, 9 metal gears, 2 gear frames, 1 greenery, 1 fez hat, 1 top hat, 1 wide brim hat, 1 hinge, 1 quote, 1 delivery guy, 1 skin, 1 skin callout, 1 meteor, 1 moon, 4 multi-tools, 1 planet, 1 pocketwatch, 1 policebox, 1 ribbon, 3 robots, 4 robot tools, 1 rope, 3 stars, 2 sunflowers, 1 title, 1 watch face. This pack is also sold with the Bundle pack.

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