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Preparing Your Photo Albums


Your photos should never feel like a chore. So why should organizing them have to be? It's so much easier it is to organize your photos when you've already done some "prep." Here are some tips!

Before your trip:

1. Create a "Parent" album in your FOREVER Account. This just means your main album, where you can create nested albums within if you choose. (Ex: "Vacation 2022" as the Parent Album.)
2. Create some nested albums. (Ex: "Beach Pics," "Family Photos," or try nesting by day, like "Day 1," or "Day 2.")
3. Share with your fellow vacationers - make it collaborative!

During your trip:

1. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day to choose "keeper" photos.
2. Upload your best "keeper" photos to your nested albums.
3. Return home with your album organization already started, ready to create any keepsakes you may have been dreaming up while traveling!

See? Simple, easy, efficient. Let vacation feel like vacation.

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