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Getting Ready: FOREVER Address Book


With sleek, modern designs, advanced text boxes, and the ability to pre-address your envelopes, our photo cards are something everyone should be thrilled about!

Even if you haven't taken that quality family photo shot yet, you can get ready ahead of time by prepping your addresses!

How It Works

With our new FOREVER Address Book, you can store & save all of your important addresses in one place. Personalize your FOREVER Address Book by importing contact information or manually adding new contacts. This is perfect for any kind of contact storage, and it’s even better for easily addressing the envelopes of your FOREVER Holiday Cards!

We’ve made importing contacts easy with this downloadable template (click here to download!). Follow these simple steps to start organizing.

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the template, open the file. (Note: this will work slightly differently depending on whether you’re opening in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers).
  2. On the document, you’ll find several different columns: First Name, Last Name, Household Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, and Country.
  3. You can fill out all of the columns if you wish, though the only ones required for the file to upload correctly are First Name or Last Name!

No matter what, do not delete any of the columns or change the headings. This could accidentally disrupt the upload process, and we don’t want that!

  1. If you choose to enter a Household Name, this field will be populated instead of First Name and Last Name when printing envelopes.

Ex: Your daughter gets married. In your brain, her name is still “Jane Doe,” so that’s the first & last name you plug in! But once she got married, she became “Jane Buck.” You may fill out “The Buck Family” under the “Household Name” column.

  1. Once you’ve finished compiling your addresses, it’s time to save your file. Make sure you are saving as a .csv file!

Remember how we said things differ between Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers? If you’re working in Excel, your file should automatically save as a .csv file.

Apple Numbers, however, will try to automatically save it as a Numbers file. To export as .csv, select File > Export to > CSV. When the confirmation screen appears, select “Next.” Choose where you’d like to save your file. Then, export!

  1. Now, head to & log into your account.
  2. Once you’re logged in, hover over the icon in the top right corner and select “My Account” (or simply navigate to
  3. Select “Address Book.”
  4. Time to upload your file! Click “Import CSV.” Then select “Upload Your CSV.”
  5. Locate the file on your desktop – it’s likely saved in your “Downloads” folder, as that’s where the template was originally downloaded! Select the file, and upload.
  6. Congratulations! Your contacts have been successfully imported.

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