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Setting up for Scrapbooking

By Abby Schreiber

So many FOREVER users love scrapbooking! But whether it's digital, traditional, or both, one thing remains the same - it can be hard to find the time. Here are a few tips on making time for the activity you love.

1. Set up a space.

Having a designated space where you can craft helps make it a priority. If you're going the traditional route, you may need a larger space for all of your ephemera. But if digital is your go-to, all you need is a desk space!

2. Schedule some time.

Make it official by adding it to your calendar. So often, we only pursue our hobbies when we can "fit them in" (and things always seem to get in the way). Make sure you set aside time!

3. Call a friend!

Having a scrapbooking buddy can be incredibly helpful, especially in terms of keeping you accountable. Plus, the more the merrier!

4. Don't scrapbook out of obligation.

Even the best hobbies can start to feel like work. Avoid that burnout by switching up what you work on! Maybe you just got back from vacation & want to scrap about it, but you feel like you need to finish up that genealogy book first. Says who? Work at your own pace.

5. Remember your why.

Why do you love to scrapbook? Maybe you're the family historian. Maybe you like to reminisce. Maybe it simply brings you joy. Any and all reasons are valid, and you should remind yourself of them from time to time!

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