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Texas Strong Bundle

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Help those in need... all the proceeds that the designer, Janet Carr, receives from the sale of this kit will go to JJ Watt's fund helping Houston recover.

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Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday evening, August 25th, as the first Category 4 hurricane to hit the United States since Hurricane Charley in 2004. Ahead of its landfall, many communities were ordered to evacuate, as fears arose that the hurricane could leave some coastal areas uninhabitable. The storm, which intensified over the Gulf of Mexico before hitting Texas and its surrounding states, brought with it heavy rainfall, damaging winds, and a powerful storm surge. It has significantly impacted communities along the Texas coastline, including Houston, as well as other areas along the Gulf with wind and flood damage. This has been called a 1 in 1000 year flood. I am a native Houstonian and have been through my share of hurricanes; but none as bad as Harvey. By the Grace of God, our family was spared. We were safe and dry through the entire storm. But our surrounding neighbors of Coles Crossing, Cypress, and the City of Houston were not as fortunate. I want to give back to the community and help those less fortunate. All the proceeds that I receive from the sale of this kit will go to JJ Watts helping Houston recover from Hurricane Harvey. We are asking all Ambassadors to do the same. Please help those in need. The catastrophic rain and flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey has left the nation's fourth-largest city in a state of emergency. Thank you in advance for your help and donations. This was made possible by those at Forever. Special thanks to Lisa Franke for this GENEROUS idea and for those that supported the cause > Dawn Edens, Tara Claborn, Mona Rau, Roxanne Buchholz, and Jan McCallum. This kit is perfect, not only for Texas, but for anyone that has suffered through a natural disaster.

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