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Revolutionary War Bundle

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Extensively researched, this American Revolutionary War Bundle is filled with antique elements for family genealogy projects.

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Extensively researched, this American Revolutionary War discounted bundle is filled with antique historic embellishments, maps, documents, and papers for family genealogy projects. It showcases 1775 - 1783 when the 13 American colonies fought Great Britain for their freedom. This 152 piece bundle contains American Revolution buttons, coins, documents, patriots, Daughters of the Revolution DAR pieces, newspaper clippings, picture frames, taxation / tax stamps, Stamp Act documents, the Declaration of Independence, Independence Hall building, George Washington, Paul Revere, Boston Harbor, American and British flags, American eagles,frum, music sheets, liberty bell, wall and wood fence, tea, tea service, patriotic military uniform, tombstone, chairs, cannon, vanity, furniture, hand guns and rifle, firearms, weapons, powder horn, maps, charts, and so much more. This bundle contains the following 5 kits: Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War Papers 1, Revolutionary War Papers 2, Revolutionary War Documents, and Revolutionary War Maps - all sold individually and exclusively in the Forever Digital Art Store. Retail Value $29.75. Designer: Roxanne Buchholz

SKU: ARTKIT-K0004-01269

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