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National Park Project Page Kit

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National Park Project Page Kit

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Love the US National Parks? Whether you love to hike, fish, explore, swim, bike or just relax in nature's beauty, there are so many things to do in our national parks and each park has its own unique features and exciting things to do and explore. This National Parks Project Page Kit is the base kit - each of the national parks also has its own kit customized to that park and available for individual purchase. The National Park Project Page Kit includes 13 solid papers, backpack, bag, binoculars, camping pot, stool, 6 titles (Let the adventure begin!, National Park Adventure, Hiking Trail, sunrise, Sunset, Blessings of nature), compass, 3 flashlights, gps, hat, 2 sets of hunting boots, 4 journal cards, kettle, 16 labels (National Parks, vacation, camping, fishing, hiking, out in nature, mountains, wildflowers, glaciers, wild life, geysers, Did you see that?, coastline, landmark, canyon, memories), measuring cup, multitool, 2 pots, propane skillet, 4 signs, 14 wild animal silhouettes, 2 sleeping rolls, 10 stickers, 3 supply bags, tag, walkie talkie, 3 wildflowers, directional, and thermos. Keywords: national park, nature, hike, hiking, fishing, wild, trees, boat, lake, mountain, relax, vacation, trip, state park

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