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FOREVER® BOX headlines rapidly growing FOREVER Digital Conversion business

(PITTSBURGH)   July 24, 2020 – Forever, Inc., the permanent and complete memory-keeping company, today announced the launch of its new FOREVER® Box during its virtual “FOREVER LIVE!” Convention.

The FOREVER Digital Conversion business has grown dramatically in recent years as more and more people have chosen FOREVER to digitize their precious family memories. Because of this dramatic growth, FOREVER is investing heavily in its digital conversion services and today is updating its previous digital conversion box, turning it into a “FOREVER® BOX.” Beginning today, everyone who orders a digital conversion box from FOREVER will receive a FOREVER BOX.  

When asked why people should choose a FOREVER BOX over other digital conversion services and boxes, Glen Meakem, the company’s Founder and CEO said, “There are two reasons. First, at FOREVER we understand that we are handling people’s most precious family memories and we deliver the highest quality digital conversion services in the industry. Our competitors say, ‘push it through.’ At FOREVER, we always say ‘do it right.’ Second, only FOREVER offers a complete digital conversion service by preserving memories for generations online with FOREVER Storage®. Our competitors convert from one temporary format to another, and this is a great disappointment to people who care about their family memories. If people want to safely digitize and save their family memories for the long-term, my team and I at FOREVER are here to serve them. People can trust us.” 

How it Works

FOREVER offers its new FOREVER® BOX in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The box is crush resistant and includes water-proof packing materials inside designed to keep precious family memories safe. Each FOREVER BOX comes with a specified conversion credit (which is equal to the list price of the box). This credit is applied to the total conversion cost of the items sent in for digital conversion. However, clients are not limited to the conversion credit and FOREVER encourages its clients to fill their boxes with as many photos, films, videos, documents, or audio tapes as they like. FOREVER can digitally convert and preserve virtually anything. Shipping costs charged to clients are fixed for each box size, regardless of the quantity of memories packed by the client. 

Clients order their FOREVER BOX at Once they receive their empty FOREVER BOX, they pack it with the items they wish to have converted, apply the pre-paid shipping label, and drop it off at any FedEx® location. The box is then shipped to FOREVER where a team of highly skilled technicians carefully tally everything inside and then digitize those memories using state-of-the-art technology. Clients track the progress of their conversion project right in their FOREVER Account using the FOREVER Digital Conversion Tracker, which keeps the client updated in real time.

Once everything is digitized, the originals are returned via FedEx to the client, and the digitized files are uploaded into the client’s FOREVER Account, where they can be viewed, edited, and shared with others. And with FOREVER Storage®, these memories will never need to be digitized again. FOREVER guarantees to preserve and maintain the memories of FOREVER Storage owners for the owner’s lifetime plus 100 years, with a goal of many generations beyond.  

Nathan Bowers, FOREVER Vice President of Product said, “At FOREVER, our critically important mission is to help millions of people preserve and protect their memories for generations. I am proud to be a part of a team that is committed to building the products and services – and the long-term business institution – needed to make this happen. FOREVER clients can look forward to more improvements to FOREVER BOX digital conversion services in the months and years ahead.”

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FOREVER offers the only permanent and complete memory keeping solution in the internet cloud that people, families, and organizations can trust to preserve and share their precious memories. The Company offers FOREVER Storage®, digital conversion, content organization, online sharing, succession planning, and metadata preservation. It also offers design software, digital art, and online printing. FOREVER guarantees that the memories stored with FOREVER Storage will be preserved, protected, and available for at least 100 years, with a goal of many generations beyond.

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