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FOREVER® Announces New Print Products at FOREVER LIVE! Global Convention

Launches 11″ x 8.5″ FOREVER AutoBook and FOREVER Tabletop Panels giving clients even more ways to print and enjoy precious photos and memories

(PITTSBURGH)   July 25, 2020 – Forever, Inc., the permanent and complete memory-keeping company, today announced the release of two new print products: 11″ x 8.5″ FOREVER AutoBooks and FOREVER Tabletop panels. The announcement was made during the 6th annual FOREVER LIVE! Convention where over one thousand FOREVER community members are celebrating family memories. 

FOREVER AutoBook first launched in March of this year. With AutoBook, clients simply click a button and have their online Albums turned into beautiful photo books. Users can also individually select a series of photos from anywhere in their FOREVER Accounts and have them added to an AutoBook. Clients and influencers love how well the AutoBook system works. One FOREVER Executive Ambassador, Amy Storch, proclaimed, “It is truly magical. AutoBook is generating so much excitement in our community.  My clients are using AutoBook to print more photo books than ever.” Senior Executive Ambassador Lorrie Curley agreed, adding, “This product is changing the way we create and print photo books.” Because of its incredible success, FOREVER decided to add the 11″ x 8.5″ size to its AutoBook lineup.

FOREVER Tabletop panels are offered in 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ sizes (portrait and landscape), are created using elegant high-gloss Chromoluxe® finish on a ¼ inch thick panel, and come with a kickstand for tabletop display. Tabletop panels are built to elegantly feature and celebrate photos.

FOREVER Vice President Roxanne Buchholz said of the Tabletop panels, “Studies show that younger generations are increasingly looking to purchase modern print products like these to feature their photos and highlight their memories. This product is really on trend and responds to a growing need for personalized photo gifts and photo image products. Users can easily create these Tabletop panels right in their online FOREVER Accounts and they make great gifts.”

These products further complete the already compelling lineup of FOREVER photo gifts and printed keepsakes, including photo books, wall décor, mugs, cards, calendars, and more. Clients can create these products on web and mobile using FOREVER AutoBook software and FOREVER Design & Print software, as well as on desktop using FOREVER Artisan, the company’s award-winning design and scrapbooking software.

This announcement follows yesterday’s announcement that FOREVER launched its brand-new FOREVER® BOX to headline its rapidly growing FOREVER Digital Conversion business. The FOREVER® BOX comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), is crush resistant, and includes water-proof packing materials designed to keep precious memories safe. 

Learn more about FOREVER BOX, FOREVER Print Products, FOREVER LIVE!, and other FOREVER news here at the Press Center.

FOREVER offers the only permanent and complete memory keeping solution in the internet cloud that people, families, and organizations can trust to preserve and share their precious memories. The Company offers FOREVER Storage®, digital conversion, content organization, online sharing, succession planning, and metadata preservation. It also offers design software, digital art, and online printing. FOREVER guarantees that the memories stored with FOREVER Storage will be preserved, protected, and available for at least 100 years, with a goal of many generations beyond.

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