The Newspaper Rock

By Clare Kalantar

We’ve all taken vacations. This year, mine was a 16-day road trip, from California to South Dakota and back. We traveled 5,680 miles, spent time in 9 different states, visited 6 National Parks, and saw 6 National Monuments. We also got to spend five days with one of our daughters in South Dakota, and shared meals with a cousin and some old friends.

While on that trip, we visited the "Newspaper Rock" Archaeological Site in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. I couldn't help but relate what I saw to our own family memories. Much of the meaning behind these figures is left to interpretation. It is unfortunately unknown if the figures represent storytelling, doodling, clan symbols, ancient graffiti, or something else.

Is this what you want for your family memories? Are the stories behind your memories going to be left to someone else's interpretation?

Or maybe you have memories trapped in outdated media?** Are your photos at risk of being lost because even though they are digital, they are not stored safely and permanently**? In these situations, there won't even be anything to interpret.

It’s the unexpected moments like this that I’m so grateful for the ability to preserve my legacy with FOREVER and tell my own story.

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