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FOREVER Storage: Much Better Than a Time Capsule

By Kirk Schuchardt

Have you ever wanted to make a time capsule? No? Yeah, they’re not always waterproof. And sometimes the neighborhood kids dig them up.

Know what’s better than a time capsule? FOREVER Storage. It requires no digging at all and lets you easily access your photos, videos, film, and more whenever thanks to our mobile app!

It's secure.

FOREVER Storage is permanent cloud storage that’s as secure as a bank vault. What you store in your FOREVER Storage is triple backed up in multiple locations, meaning you will never lose your photos or videos. We also use encrypted transmissions to protect your memories from anything lurking online.

It's full resolution.

Your photos and videos will have full resolution and suffer zero compression. You won’t find any photos that look oddly pixelated after they’ve been digitized.

Obviously, it's permanent!

All the photos and videos you keep in your FOREVER Storage will stay there for the rest of your life, plus one hundred years (with the goal of many generations beyond that). It’s a guarantee made possible through carefully managed investments as part of our FOREVER Guarantee Fund.

Just think: over one hundred-plus years, your family and their children will get to appreciate the memories you’ve saved. It’s a legacy that will help them make sense of where they came from.

There's no data-mining or advertising.

We don’t want anything to distract you or them from your memories. That’s why we do not allow data mining or advertising on FOREVER! Just imagine scrolling through photos of your kids and then coming across an ad for a vacuum cleaner. No thank you. You want privacy, not distractions.

It's designed to be shareable.

You can also easily share your memories with whomever you choose, right from your account! Share links to your photos & albums, post on social media, or invite people to join your "Friends & Family." Or, do all three!

Print some gifts, right from your account.

Take advantage of the photo gift printing available to FOREVER users. Make a photo book, a mug, a blanket, or something else for your pal as a reminder of your best memories together.

Organize your way.

FOREVER Storage lets you create albums and tag your files. The way you choose to organize is your choice (though we have some ideas!) - find a way that makes sense to you!

Signing up for a FOREVER account is free and takes a lot less time than burying a time capsule.

Once you sign up, we’ll give you 2 gigabytes of non-permanent storage just for trying us out. Once you become a storage owner, we’ll make those two gigabytes permanent.

Pay for it once, and let your family enjoy it for generations.

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