CeCe Moore: Genetic Genealogist

By Abby Schreiber

There's no denying that women are often the family memory-keepers. So it should come as no surprise that many women are pivotal figures in the memory-keeping community! CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist, is one of those women.

Moore gained widespread recognition for her contributions to the field of genetic genealogy. She has been instrumental in solving numerous cold cases and helping adoptees find their biological families. Even when not directly connected to them, the work she helped pioneer was instrumental in solving high-profile cases such as the Golden State Killer and the Bear Brook Murders.

Moore, whose birth name is Cynthia M. Moore, was born on December 14, 1969, in San Antonio, Texas. She later moved to Utah with her family. From an early age, she was interested in science and technology. She studied biology and genetics at the University of California, San Diego, and later pursued a master's degree in genetic counseling at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. After completing her studies, she worked as a genetic counselor, helping families understand genetic conditions and make informed decisions about their health.

Moore's interest in genetic genealogy was piqued in the early 2000s when she was trying to track down her biological father. After finding him through DNA testing, she began to wonder if this same method could be applied in other situations.

After her own experience, Moore became passionate about helping others use DNA testing to trace their family roots. She started writing a blog on genetic genealogy, which gained a following, and she began to receive requests for help from others. This led her to start volunteering with the DNA Doe Project, which uses genetic genealogy to identify John and Jane Does. In 2018, she joined forces with Parabon NanoLabs, a DNA technology company, to create a genetic genealogy division. The partnership has led to the solving of several high-profile cold cases!

Moore's work has not only helped solve these crimes, but it has also brought families together. She has helped many adoptees find their biological families, often through the use of DNA testing. Her work has been life-changing for many people who were previously unable to connect with their roots.

CeCe Moore has changed the definition of what's "possible." She continues to inspire those in her field to push those boundaries every day.

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