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Ways to Organize Your Albums

By Abby Schreiber

There's no "right" way to organize Albums within your FOREVER Account…that being said, it can be hard to determine which way is "right" for you!

  • Organize by year. Self-explanatory - go in chronological order! This is a great way for those who have years of memories to sift through. Plus, with our ability to nest albums within albums, you could organize by month within each year!
  • Organize by event. Some people choose to group by event, labeling albums after holidays & other milestones. Some common ones are "Christmas" and "Back to School."
  • Organize by family group. A favorite of genealogists, sorting by family group allows you to look back in time at your ancestry. Example: If your last name is "Schreiber," your maiden name is "White," and your maternal family's name is "Droppelman", you'd have an album for "Schreiber," "White," and "Droppelman" respectively.
  • Organize by "thing." Okay, this one sounds weird - hear us out. "Thing" in this case means "type" more than anything else. You could group your albums by "People," "Places," "Pets," etc., or get a little more specific with "Cousins," "Children," and "Pittsburgh." This might be a more generic way of grouping, but it's certainly helpful for some people! Of course, this is also a great method for tagging.

These are just 4 options, but like we mentioned: there's no "right" way.

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