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How to Copy Albums

By Abby Schreiber

Wouldn't it be nice to copy albums from one account to another? Well, now you can.

When an album is shared with you (via share link or Friends & Family), not only will you be able to download the contents of that album, but you will also have the option to copy that album along with the album files directly to your own FOREVER account! Here are some key facts:

1. As mentioned, you can copy any album that's been directly shared with you. This means the album must be accessed via share link, or it must belong to someone you are Friends & Family with.
2. When you choose to copy an album that’s been shared with you, we will check to make sure you have enough storage in your FOREVER Account. If you don’t, we will enable you to buy more.

3. When you copy an album, you have the option to copy tags with the files! You can also copy an album without the original tags.
4. Copying an album only copies the main album - it does not copy nested albums. If you want to maintain the nested structure, copy each album & re-nest, or you can try your own organization structure!

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