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By Michaela Elliott

I’ve always been the baby of the family. Not that my sisters and I weren’t close - we were (and are)! But my age gap, to both of them, is more significant than theirs to each other, and when you feel like the youngest, sometimes it’s harder to give back. Not anymore.

In September 2019, I had the pleasure of becoming an aunt for the first time! My sister, Stacey, and her husband, Ryan, gave birth to my beautiful niece Aoife. She’s already spunky, inquisitive, and above all else, adorable. Understandably, though, my sister & her husband are focused on privacy. As is a growing trend in society, many new parents are hesitant to share photos of their children on the internet until they have the autonomy to do so themselves. Lucky for them, I work for the most secure digital storage company around.

I mean that genuinely! This is one of those times where I feel even more lucky than usual to work for a place like FOREVER, a place whose mission I believe in so strongly. I realized pretty quickly how important privacy was to my sister, and I knew FOREVER was the only place she could trust 100%. The thing is, though, getting a new mom to do anything other than focus on her baby for the first few months is hard. The last thing she’s thinking about is making a big purchase…even if it’s one that makes her life easier!

Then came November. “Gifting” came to FOREVER! As soon as we started discussing this new functionality, I was excited for it, but once Aoife was born, I couldn’t wait to make use of it - FOREVER Storage was the perfect gift for Stacey! It was a day full of firsts - we were the first ones to use gifting, and for the first time, I didn’t feel like "the baby" anymore. I was really helping my sister. Plus, there’s a new baby in town - I can’t hold onto the title forever!

It was easy, too! As stated in the Gifting FAQs:

First, add the items that you would like to gift to your cart. When you view your cart, check the “Make this a gift” box for the items that you would like to give to someone. Then, check out! On your Order Confirmation page, click the “Manage Gifts” button next to any of the items you made gifts. You will be redirected to your “Gift Management” page, where you will see all the items you have purchased as gifts!

I know there are a million gifts out there that could be useful to a new mom, and they’re all incredibly valuable. But I feel so good knowing that we got her something that matters. And that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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