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The War in Ukraine & Cybersecurity

By Glen Meakem

Many people are content to just live in the present, but Glen Meakem, the Founder & CEO of FOREVER, is constantly learning from the past and planning for the future as well.

For Glen, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brings up two key thoughts. In the present, he believes this unjustified act of aggression constitutes a massive atrocity. Looking to the near and long-term futures, this invasion and the threats made by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin raise many serious concerns, including cybersecurity risks on a global scale.

So, what does this mean for FOREVER? As the guarantor of secure, permanent cloud storage for its clients, FOREVER has thought through the issues and is prepared for this and other future crises. FOREVER permanent cloud storage owners can count on FOREVER to safeguard all of their precious memories during good times and bad.

For a more in-depth look at Glen’s thoughts, please watch this video.

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