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A Moose, a Whiskey, and a Mouse Pad

By Wendy Gordon

New job. New computer. New mouse. No mouse pad!

Obviously, I needed a quick solution and, lucky for me, I had FOREVER! In addition to being a necessary work item, mouse pads are a great, inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays! They are available through all 3 platforms at FOREVER - Design & Print, AutoPrint, and Artisan.

I chose the Design & Print option because I wanted to create my own design and add a line of text. There are 3 pages of design formats to choose from. I chose the 5-photo pad with a personalized phrase and a black background. My subjects? My golden retrievers, 4-year-old Moose, and 4-month-old, Whiskey! It was very easy to select photos from my FOREVER library and then place and size them on the mouse pad. My design was auto-saved to my library, in case I wasn’t able to finish it. It was an easy process, and within 20 minutes my mouse pad was in production! It’s a 9x8 finished size.

Out of curiosity, I decided to test the AutoPrint mouse pad option and that was, truly, an incredibly quick process! Here, I traded design and text options for speed. Starting from Design & Print , I selected Mouse Pads under AutoPrint, then clicked on the mouse pad button, then selected my photos from an album and they appeared in the design. I just slightly enlarged one photo (as you can still make edits), hit the “add to my cart” button and I was ready to check out! It was a 3 click process and in 5 minutes I was all set! The turn around was very fast - I was notified in 4 days that my project was completed and had shipped!

So whether you need a new mouse pad or want to create one for a friend, a child, a teacher or a co-worker – it’s an easy process with FOREVER!

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