Cracking the Code

By Christine Woodcock

I have been researching family history for 20+ years. Ever since I began, the big question in the genealogy world has been, "How do we engage the younger generation?"

My eldest aunt passed away in August. My cousin had previously allowed me to have the old home movies digitized, and sharing these was a phenomenal way to not only reconnect with lost memories but also to connect with cousins across the globe. In September, my cousin also allowed me to digitize her mom's photos. Over 1,000 of them (and counting). I used the photos to create a life story book in memory of my aunt and gave copies to her two children and three grandsons. The response has been both emotional and overwhelming, but most importantly, they are all incredibly grateful to have this tangible legacy. THIS. This was how I managed to engage the next generation. They are hooked - on the stories.

Later that same week, another cousin's son called me to see if he could order a copy of the Family History Book I created almost 3 years ago. Another one hooked on the stories. And the best part of this request? I didn't have to re-create the book. I didn't have to take it anywhere to have it photocopied. I simply had to "Add to Cart".

Thank you to FOREVER; I have cracked the code for engaging younger generations and making them interested in their family history!

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