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6 Out of the Box Ways to Display Ornaments

By Abby Schreiber

We know what comes to mind when you hear the word “ornament”: a Christmas tree, beautifully adorned with shimmering, personal memorabilia. And yes - that’s definitely ONE way to use our brand-new-to-Design-and-Print ornaments. But did you know there are way more?

Let’s name a few together!

1. As an actual ornament!

Okay, we mentioned this one already. But we can’t NOT mention it again! Our ornaments, made with white aluminum and archival quality ink, are built to last for all the holiday seasons to come. With dozens of designs available, you can commemorate any occasion this holiday season.

2. As a luggage tag!

Did you know our ornaments are double sided? Which makes them IDEAL for luggage tags! Just loop the red ribbon they come with through your suitcase, and you’ll always know which bag is yours.

3. As a gift tag!

For the same reasons as listed above, our ornaments make excellent gift tags - and thoughtful ones, too! Beyond being the perfect label, they’re a built in gift for your friends and loved ones.

4. As a place setting!

Place cards just got a little brighter. We are simply loving the idea of a Thanksgiving table with ornaments abound! Create your own place cards for guests; you’ll send them home with a goodie, too (or keep them for next year)!

5. As a door hang!

Okay, this one is a little broad. Let’s lay out some examples. You could make an ornament to hang on the door as a way of letting the neighborhood kids know if your child can come out and play - a “Knock away!” and “We’re busy!” ornament should do the trick! Or simply hang an ornament to let people know who lives there! Think of them as this season’s wreaths.

6. As a keychain!

Okay, who doesn’t love a good keychain? Never wonder whose keys are whose again with your very own personalized “keychain.” Your family memories, your pocket.

And these are just a handful of options. We can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

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