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3 Creative Ways to Use Photo Prints

By Abby Schreiber

It's just a photo print, right? Wrong. You can do so much with your Photo Prints!

1. Map them out.
Do you love to travel? Make a map! Then add your photo prints, like push pins, to show where you've been (and all the places you still need to go)!

2. Make a "Curtain Rod Hanger."
Are your memories enough art for you? Let your photos do the talking! The first step is to find your "curtain rod" - this doesn't actually need to be a curtain rod! It could be a yardstick, a piece of driftwood, some old pipe. Next, tie string, twine, or ribbon to your "curtain rod." Then attach your photos! This fun, asymmetrical display is a perfect statement piece.

3. Make a shadow box.
Place your photo print in the shadow box. Then, fill the box with associated memories! Is your photo print from your beach vacation? Add some sand, shells, ride tickets, etc!

We've kicked off the idea train - what other creative solutions can you think of?

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