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Relive Your Next Vacation

By Kirk Schuchardt

The day has come. The time is near. You’re finally going to drink from a coconut under a palm tree. Woohoo!

Wherever you go on vacation, take some memorable photos that will help you relive the experience. The best way to do this, of course, is by making some unforgettable moments and keeping your camera close by.

Try out these suggestions the next time you’re away from home, having fun!

Look around you.

Pay attention to what you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell on this vacation. Imagine this: You’re chowing down on a quesadilla with your friends, speaking Spanish right outside a taqueria on a street corner. A cool breeze comes across you as you notice a volcano in the distance. Observing all of these sensations can create a strong memory helped (of course) by a photo of the real thing.

Bonus points if you bring along a notebook to jot all these memories down!

Do something new.

Something different will stand out much more in your mind than something you’ve done before. Go whitewater rafting or take a tour on a Segway! If you find this new thing exciting, your photo will let you relive these brand new memories.

Buy a souvenir.

Or find a meaningful object to serve as a reminder of your trip - maybe some seashells! The cute stuffed animal or T-shirt you bought from the gift shop makes a great prop in a photo. And if you can't find a souvenir you love, you can always make your own using the photos you took once you get back home.

Get outside your comfort zone.

Dare to have fun! Ride a rollercoaster, sing karaoke, join a conga line, enter a ping pong tournament – all these things may be nerve-wracking to do. But we remember emotional stuff more than we remember sitting back and watching other people have fun. Maybe someone will even snap your photo - then you have proof of how daring you were!

Make sure you download the FOREVER App.

Do this if you plan on using your phone as a camera! The app is easy to use and can save you some time by automatically syncing your photos. If you’ve got family members and friends just itching to know what’s going on during your trip, add them to a shared album so they can see right away!

Let's make your next vacation unforgettable.

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