FOREVER® Commits to Growing Its FOREVER Box Digital Conversion Business in Green Bay

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December 14, 2020

FOREVER, the permanent and complete memory-keeping tech company with an international presence, more than doubled its number of employees in Green Bay this year.

(GREEN BAY, WI) December 14, 2020 – While many US companies were forced to downsize or close their doors due to the 2020 shutdowns and economic recession, FOREVER®, the permanent and complete memory-keeping company, doubled its number of employees at the FOREVER Box Digital Conversion Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

FOREVER, a tech company which serves many memory-keeping clients in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and beyond, experienced dramatic growth this year. A meaningful percentage of that growth came from its FOREVER Box digital conversion business, which serves clients in the US and Canada. Due to its strategic location in Green Bay, FOREVER will continue to invest in its FOREVER Box Center, which has operated since 2015. Each day, the team in Green Bay works hard to digitize thousands of photos, home videos, slides, negatives, and more with the utmost care and precision. The digitized files are then uploaded to clients' FOREVER cloud storage accounts, returned to them on a thumb drive, or both. Clients' original memories are mailed back after they have been digitized.

In 2020, FOREVER has made large investments in new equipment, additional space, and new employees at its FOREVER Box Center in Green Bay. Glen Meakem, FOREVER Founder & CEO, said, "We are absolutely committed to growing our FOREVER Box digital conversion business in Green Bay and supporting the Green Bay community."

FOREVER offers a 20% discount on FOREVER Box orders for all Green Bay residents. "Just bring your photos, home videos, slides, and other physical memories to our 2530 Lineville Road location," said Eric Napier, Director of the FOREVER Box Center. "We'll get your memories digitized and uploaded to your FOREVER Account or a thumb drive for you and your family to enjoy in no time. And we'll give you 20% off, just for being our neighbor!"

When asked why people should choose a FOREVER Box over other digital conversion services and boxes, Glen Meakem said, "There are two reasons. First, at FOREVER we understand that we are handling people's most precious family memories and we deliver the highest quality digital conversion services in the industry. Our competitors say, ‘push it through.' At FOREVER, we always say ‘do it right.' Second, only FOREVER offers a complete digital conversion service by preserving memories for generations online with FOREVER permanent cloud storage. If people want to safely digitize and save their family memories for the long-term, my team and I at FOREVER are here to serve them. People can trust us."


There's no place like FOREVER®. The company provides a complete, permanent, and trustworthy memory-keeping platform in the internet cloud for people, families, and organizations that want to enjoy, preserve, and share their precious memories today, tomorrow, and for generations into the future. FOREVER is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and serves clients globally with its internet cloud-based products and services.

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