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SPRING Into Action (in 15 Easy Steps!)


"Spring Cleaning" doesn't just mean household chores. This April, we're going to help you SPRING into action & take charge of your memories. Dedicate 15 minutes a day - that's it!

1: Delete the excess.

In the age of digital, we're all guilty of taking an excessive amount of photos! But you really only need the best of the best. Take 15 minutes to delete duplicates & clear out clutter.

Does your phone auto-sync with FOREVER? If it does, great! You can clean up the excess in there, too, and better utilize your storage.

TIP: Go through your "Screenshot" album. There's likely a lot of junk in there.

2: Upload what matters.

Now that you've started clearing out the clutter, make sure you're uploading your favorites into FOREVER! Our pro tip? Make sure your phone auto-syncs with your FOREVER Account via the Mobile App. Then, you can delete everything off your phone & just delete the clutter from FOREVER!

No matter which method you choose, you need to prioritize getting your photos & videos uploaded to FOREVER. No one likes the heartbreak of a lost memory!

3: Start to organize.

While uploading your photos in general is better than not uploading at all, organization is key to maintaining your FOREVER Account for future generations (and yourself, frankly)!

Take 15 minutes today to add your photos to an album. We have tons of suggestions for organizing your account - check some out here!

4: Start tagging some photos.

The benefits of tagging are endless! Easily access your photos across albums (and throughout your entire library!) with tags. Ex: tagging "Mom" in each photo of your mother, or "landscape" in scenic photos.

5: Upload something unconventional.

The great thing about FOREVER is, because it's secure, there are SO many excellent uses for your storage! As we've said before: we will never data mine. So you know what you're uploading to FOREVER is truly yours, always.

Examples: A special recipe, a copy of your driver's license, scans of your passport, etc. What else can YOU think of?

6: Pick your favorites.

Favoriting your photos within FOREVER is great for two reasons: 1) it helps you easily access the photos you want to find, and 2) it helps you prioritize the best of the best!

Take 15 minutes to go through your FOREVER Account and favorite some photos. And, while you're at it, continue clearing out the clutter!

7: Set yourself up for the future.

We often hear about reorganizing, but how about preorganizing? If you have an event coming up - maybe a graduation, vacation, or wedding - get your album set up ahead of time. That way, you can upload directly into it when the time comes!

Take 15 minutes to look at how your albums are structured. What do you like about the structure? What isn't working for you? Then, "preorganize" a future album!

8: Work on your privacy settings.

Your album can be set to 4 different categories: Private, Public, Connections, or Groups (visit our Help Center to learn more).

Take a look at your albums - is their visibility set to your preference?

If all of your albums are already set the way you want them to be, work on creating a Group instead!

9: Organize in bulk.

Have you ever tried our Bulk Organizer tool? If you know you want to edit several files the same way, this tool is invaluable!

Head to your library and select the photos you want to organize. Then select "Bulk Organizer" from the navigation. From there, you can add your photos to Albums, add Tags, rename them, edit the description, and choose a bulk "Date Taken."

If you haven't gotten around to organizing your Library yet, this is a great tool! Take 15 minutes to try it for yourself.

10: Update your metadata.

Metadata is information about a digital file that may include how large the image is, where and when it was created, its resolution, and most importantly, the story behind the file. You have the choice to preserve the original metadata or update your metadata at any time!

To update your metadata, click on any file, then Edit Info. You may choose to Edit Name, Description, or Date Taken. You can even add tags! Then click Update Info.

PRO TIP: Head to Account Settings > Preferences and make sure "Enable Download with Updated Metadata" is toggled ON.

11: Make a Collaborative Album!

Have you struggled to get ALL of the photographs from a particular event in one place? Collaborative Albums make sharing a breeze! Collaborative Albums allow anyone who has a “share” link (given by the owner of the FOREVER Collaborative Album) to easily upload files to or download files from that album.

Take 15 minutes to invite your friends & family to FOREVER. While they don't need a FOREVER Account to view your album, they DO need at least an intro account to upload their photos!

12: Clear out your closet.

To be specific: which items do you still need to digitize? FOREVER can help!

Take 15 minutes to go through old photo albums & videotapes. You don't need to send everything in at once. You just need to start somewhere!

13: Update your preservation settings.

The main benefit of FOREVER? It's forever. As part of your organization & legacy planning, ensure your memories are preserved in accordance with your wishes!

Go to your Account Settings > Preservation Settings. Select & set each of the 3 fields as you wish!

YOU decide how your memories will be shared with future generations, and who has access to view, curate, and manage the content in your account. We will never shut down your account or delete your content, unless that is what you have asked us to do.

14: Create nested albums.

Nested Albums are a great way to organize (or 'nest') albums within a larger, main album. This makes it easier to always find exactly what you are looking for!

Take 15 minutes today to get started.

  1. Select the Album that you would like to be the main album (or the top of your organization structure).
  2. Once inside the main album, click "Add a Nested Album" at the top. Fill in the details, and you're good to go!
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as often as necessary.

15: Delete the excess…again.

Even if you spent 15 minutes a day for the last 15 days, it's likely you STILL have photos to delete. And that's okay! The beauty of being a photo lover is, well, taking a lot of photos.

Spend 15 minutes going through your camera roll today & deleting the unnecessary.

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