Snapfish Accidentally Deleted My Photos

By Gina Janaszek

I am a lover of photos. Always have been.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is so true. What would we do without photos? I am so grateful for them. Our kids are 15 and 23 and they still love looking at our photo books.

I was always afraid of losing my photos on the computer, so I started loading them on Snapfish back in 2001. I thought, “I never have to worry about something happening to my photos.” Well, the dreaded day came. It was July 2013 when I went into my account and noticed some videos and photos were missing. Actually, all of my videos were gone.

I messaged the company and all they could say was “we deleted them by mistake.” Now, how could this happen? I needed answers. Well, they thought the only way they could redeem themselves was to send me a $75 coupon. Those videos and photos were priceless.

Lisa and me at the Annual Brain Cancer Awareness 5k in PA.

In January 2017, I met a new friend. Her name was Lisa, and she told me she represented this amazing company, FOREVER. I was intrigued. She told me about their mission, and I was sold.

I now have 100% confidence and can sleep at night knowing my photos are safe. I also love the many features they offer to keep my photos organized and 20 years from now, if I need to search for a photo, it will be easy to find it. I love FOREVER and recommend it to all of my family and friends, so they don’t have to have to ever deal with losing their lifelong memories like I did.

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