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Artisan Projects: From "Old" to "New"

By Sandy Stonebrook

We spend countless hours designing the perfect project for our photos.

We search the FOREVER Store for the ideal digital art to complement our photos and define the theme of the project. We gather photos and resize them, crop them, apply a setting from the Auto Fix tool or change them to black & white images. We add text about the place, the year, and the people in the photos. When the project is finished, we have a beautiful keepsake to display or share.

I’m sure you have past projects that you created in Artisan and enjoy again and again. There's the Acrylic Panel with those photos from your Family Reunion that you gave as gifts one holiday season. Oh, and on the shelf you just passed is the Mini Book of your child’s first year and all the milestones they reached as they began to explore their world. And then there is your home office – with the wall full of Faux Canvases that display photos from every family member’s school years – kindergarten through high school.

Whatever the reason we originally created that keepsake, we turn to it again and again to enjoy the memories of that special time.

But what happens when the project we created can no longer be purchased? How do we continue to share that gift with others or get another printed for ourselves?

One of the benefits of Artisan is that we can reuse and re-purpose our creations. That Acrylic Panel can be reprinted as a Metal Panel; select pages from your Mini Book can be converted to Coaster Sets, and that Faux Canvas can be reprinted as a Canvas Wrap.

We can also copy the contents of a page in an existing Artisan project and paste it into a new project. Then, with some quick and easy adjustments, we can create a whole new project to share and enjoy for years to come!

We have an article in our Help Center with details about uploading projects that were created as products that have since retired from our Print Shop. It will also walk you through the steps to copy content from one project and paste it into another. So never fear – you can always get a new keepsake from that project you did in the past!

Click here to visit the article in our Help Center.

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