Restored Photos Bring Mom to Tears

By Angela Dekkers

For Mother’s Day this year, I decided to have photo colorization and photo restoration done by FOREVER for my mom.

The first picture I chose to colorize was a group photo of my mom, her siblings, and her mom. When my mom was 10 years old, her mom and siblings were in a car accident. As a result, her mom and little sister Carolyn (who was two years old) died in the accident. This group picture is one of the last pictures my mom had with her mom and Carolyn. It’s a treasured photo that means so much to my mom and her other two siblings.

The other pictures I had done by FOREVER were of my mom with her mom (photo colorization) and mom when she was little with her dad (photo restoration). I remember my mom saying the picture with her dad and the tractor was one of her favorite photos as a child.

Angela's Mom and Grandmother (colorized)

Angela's Mom and Grandfather (restored)

When I received these photos in my account, I LOVED them. They made me cry. They turned out amazing - better than I could have imagined. I just knew my mom was going to cry because she was going to love them even more than I did. I knew the pictures were going to bring back memories for my mom - both good memories and hard ones.

When I gave her the framed photos on Mother's Day, she loved them so much. I filmed her reaction and put that in my FOREVER account as well.

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