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FOREVER Digitization Connection - Specialty vs. Standard Boxes

By Alex Cybela

Greetings and welcome to this week’s edition of FOREVER Digitization Connection!

Today, we'll discuss the fundamental differences between Specialty and Standard Digitization Boxes, guiding you towards an informed choice for your digitization needs.

The pivotal contrast lies in the inclusivity of each option. A Standard Box accommodates a diverse array of items, ranging from video materials and audio recordings to photographs, slides, and negatives. However, certain items necessitate the specialized attention afforded by a Specialty Box, particularly those requiring a flatbed scanning approach. This encompasses items such as oversized photos exceeding 8" x 10" dimensions, large and medium format slides and negatives, or expansive 12" x 12" album pages.

Furthermore, consider the aspect of organization. The Specialty Box offers enhanced flexibility in this regard. While a Standard Box mandates sorting scanning items into bags of 25 images each, aligned with an approximate value of $29.99 per item, this may not align with your preferred organizational methodology. In such cases, opting for a Specialty Box allows you to organize your old media to your precise requirements. While still recommending a minimum of 25 images per bag, the Specialty Box permits the inclusion of additional images per bag, accommodating your unique needs.

Lastly, the method of cost calculation differs between the two options. A Specialty Box calculates the total cost of digitization upfront, applying the specified box credit to this total. Conversely, a Standard Box determines the cost by tallying the number of standard items, subsequently applying item credits based on the specified number of items for the box size chosen.

Both Specialty and Standard Boxes offer distinct advantages, catering to varied preferences and requirements.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a fantastic weekend!

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