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Which Planner is YOUR Favorite?

By Abby Schreiber

We just launched Planners in our Print Shop! If you missed that announcement…sounds like you need one of our planners for yourself. I’d say, “Just kidding,” but it’s clear that the entire FOREVER Team agrees: everyone needs a planner! I asked some of our staff which planner is their favorite and why. Here are their responses:

Hearts of Every Shade Planner

“I like the Hearts of Every Shade Planner. I love how the colors fade and change across the design. I also love how I can choose which Planner insert works best for helping me keep track of appointments, anniversaries, and anything life throws at me.” - Diane

5 Photo Gallery Planner

"The 5 Photo Gallery Planner is so customizable, and I can make it completely mine! For me, I think it's just the right amount of photos for showing off any occasion." - Andrea

Best Friend Planner

The Best Friend Planner is the perfect option for our puppy Sunnie. Having a dedicated planner for her training sessions will make it easier to implement the lessons learned and to keep track of her vaccinations.” - Michelle

The Big Picture Planner

"The Big Picture is always my go-to. I love the simplicity of featuring a single photo of my family and then adding a complementary color. It’s like being able to carry around a tasteful photo print everywhere I go." - Matt

Middle Script Planner

"I love the Middle Script Planner because I think it has a simple and elegant look - it reminds me of packaging you would see in department stores…

Puppies Planner

"…but I also love the Puppies Planner, because my dog Poppy is on the product image!" - Diego

Middle Script Planner

Puppies Planner

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