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Need Help? Here's Our Photo Gift Guide!


We've all gotten ourselves in this position before: we have a lot of gifts to give, but little time to get them all!

Or, sometimes, you have the time…you're just stuck on the "what" to gift! FOREVER has some simple solutions that can help save you time and energy.

We've compiled a "Photo Gift Guide," just for you! Let's check some boxes off your list and make the holidays a little more relaxing.

First, we have some general thoughts: our mugs make the perfect gift for tired parents or hot cocoa-loving teachers. They're easy, convenient, and microwave (and dishwasher) safe!

Our brand new fleece blankets are another top-tier gift. Really, they're good for anyone (and everyone)! But if you know someone who could use a little relaxation time this season, we can guarantee they'll be cozy under either of our options - Plush Fleece or Sherpa Fleece.

And finally, puzzles are perfect for the whole family! We suggest gifting this sentimental gift to a loved one looking to spend some quality time.

You'll also find water bottles, tabletop panels, ornaments, and more inside…again, check it out!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Your Year Ornament
Create a yearly tradition with this simple look! Just choose your shape & photos, and you're ready to go. Seriously - it only takes a few clicks!

The Big Picture Puzzle

There are tons of puzzle designs to choose from, but one of our favorites is "The Big Picture." Choose one photo to be the star of this gift - enjoy putting it together, piece by piece. Bonus gift: frame it once you're finished!

Tree Shaped Collage Blanket

The forest green tones of this blanket just scream cozy winter times. Or…what's a gentler word than "scream"? "Whisper"? It whispers, "Cozy winter times are coming. Snuggle up. Get comfy." We're inclined to listen - aren't you?

Jolly Characters Blanket

Okay, yes, we just shared a blanket. But look at this one - how could we not share it? Not only is it adorable, but it's versatile - customize the text box with a generic holiday greeting for the perfect White Elephant gift, or say thanks to your kid's favorite teacher…or your favorite teacher.

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