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FOREVER on "Going Deep with Aaron Watson"


FOREVER was founded in 2012 by known entrepreneur Glen Meakem. But FOREVER was not Glen’s first venture - in the podcast Going Deep with Aaron Watson, Glen dives into his past successes, failures, and what it means to run a company long term.

From the Podcast:

Glen Meakem is the founder & CEO of a permanent cloud photo storage and sharing company called FOREVER. He previously took his first technology startup, FreeMarkets, public in late-1999.

FreeMarkets grew up during the height of the Dotcom Bubble and reached a peak valuation of over $10 billion. While the spectacular highs of the bubble could not last, underneath the market Glen was tripling revenues each year and operating.

After selling FreeMarkets to Ariba in 2004, Glen started angel and venture investing. Some of his most successful investments include Kiva Systems (sold to Amazon), HotPads (sold to Zillow), and

After wrapping up a successful venture career, Glen returned to being an entrepreneurial operator. FOREVER was built because Glen was frustrated by the short-term business models and incentives offered from other cloud storage providers.

In this podcast interview, you’ll hear Glen and Aaron discuss timeless leadership principles, how to recognize a business opportunity, and stories from the tech bubble.

To listen, click here.

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