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4 Ways to Welcome Spring

By Abby Schreiber

So, it's springtime.

And in my opinion, there's no better way to celebrate that than with the age-old tradition: spring cleaning.

No, I’m not asking you to Lysol down your house or take out the trash. There are plenty of ways to organize your home that are key for memory keepers. With these helpful reminders, you’ll feel fresher than the budding flowers.

1. Go through those old boxes.

We’ve all got that box. You know, the one you keep in the attic, basement, closet, and say, “I’ll get to it one day.” But the memories inside can’t wait. Take the first step – unpack the box. Find the photos, the negatives, the handwriting samples. Walk down memory lane. Soon, it won’t even feel like spring cleaning. Once you see what hidden gems you’ve unearthed, you can give them new life by digitizing your media.

Yes, we know, we’re starting off with a hard one. But once you do it, you’ll thank us.

2. Dust off those photos.

Whether it’s a frame on the nightstand or a canvas on the wall, your photos deserve the spotlight. The best way to preserve those memories (especially the canvases) is by regularly dusting – they should shine as bright as the subject!

3. Swap out old prints for new prints.

Speaking of frames…when’s the last time you updated the photos in your frames? Part of spring cleaning is making room for the new, so order some photo prints, upgrade your wall panels, and spruce up your memories!

4. Clean out your phone.

Not all spring cleaning needs to be physical! Your phone is probably full of photos and videos, waiting to be a) backed up or b) deleted. We’ve all hit the “Burst” button by mistake! So clean out that camera roll & keep those memories safe.

So, yeah, maybe this isn’t the traditional way to say hey to spring…but it’s certainly a start. 😊

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