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4 Tips for Organizing Photos

By Abby Schreiber

1. Delete the excess.

"Excess" is subjective, but in this era of digital photography, let's face it: we all have it! Weed out the photos you don't need; keep the ones you want to remember.

2. Create albums.

Figure out what you want to sort by - event? Year? Family member? Keeping your photos in albums makes them way easier to access. As an extra step, within FOREVER you can "nest" albums (meaning add albums within albums) to even further organize your content. Ex: Creating an album for 2022 & having "January," "February," and "March" albums inside.

3. Tag your photos.

The benefits of tagging are endless! Easily access your photos across albums (and throughout your entire library!) with tags. Ex: tagging "Mom" in each photo of your mother, or "landscape" in scenic photos.

4. Import frequently.

With FOREVER, you can Auto Sync your photos using the mobile app. But, if you're someone who needs time to delete photos first (see step 1) or take photos with an actual camera, it's important to import your photos with relative frequency! The shorter you wait, the easier it is to organize!

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