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4 Facts About Collaborative Albums

By Abby Schreiber

Collaborative Albums are a great way to, well, collaborate with people you may have shared an event with! Maybe it was a family vacation; maybe it was a soccer tournament. Whatever the case may be, Collaborative Albums allow anyone with a link to said-album to upload files. Here are some key facts to note before you get started!

1. To make an album collaborative, click the "Share" icon. Then, where it says "Allow others to upload files to this album with this link?" toggle "Yes." Then, simply share that link with whoever you want to collab with!

2. All uploaders must have a FOREVER Account. This doesn't mean they need to be Storage owners, nor does it mean they have to upload photos directly from their FOREVER Account. They simply need to be logged in, at least to an intro account!

3. You can upload from anywhere. This means anyone (with a FOREVER Account and a link to your album) can upload from their Library, Tags, Albums, or even right from their phones/desktops!

4. You do NOT need a FOREVER Account to view albums! Anyone with a link to your Collaborative Album can view & download files. They only need an account to upload themselves.

For more Collaborative Album tips, make sure to check out these FAQs.

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